12. Winter wondland landscapes

IMG_3717 IMG_3840 IMG_3931 IMG_3955

Landscape in the broadest sense of the word; ie including cobblestones. Which believe me there are lot’s of in Prague. And it’s pretty amazing to walk up Wenseclas square (or jog, as we did on Christmas morning when it was EMPTY) reminding yourself that just twenty years ago history was happening on these very cobblestones that were making you trip and drop your Christmas market goods.

All taken with my camera, various lenses at various times of the day. Question though : I thought about putting several of these pictures in black and white (because that’s an easy way to make pictures look “arty”) but I just couldn’t do it. Partly because one of the reasons I like these photos is their cold colours, almost monochrome that just scream WinterInTheEast at you. And partly because (expecially for that close close up on the cobblestones) the light is very special, almost orangy and quite warm and saturated (yeah I only realised this after switching back from black and white) expecially for a winter shot. But what’s your advice ? Do photos gain something from being in Black & White ?